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My first PopClip Extension: ISBN book price search

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 10.16.31PopClip is an awesome little tool for OS X that speeds up your workflows by supplying an iOS style popup menu when you select text. Best thing: it’s extensible and writing such an extension is not too hard. If it’s just a URL-extension (like mine) you don’t have to program anything at all. You just have to write a property list file and supply an icon (if you want).
My use case is: I love books and often search for books on Amazon. However, sometimes I don’t like’s prices and then I start a price search on the incredibly cool & fast site by copying the ISBN from the Amazon site, opening a new tab, navigating to, pasting the ISBN, starting the search for the book, clicking on the correctly found book and then enjoying the list of prices.
All this does my first PopClip extension for you — just doubleclick an ISBN (10 or 13 digits, with or without hyphens) anywhere (not only on an Amazon site) and click the BB icon in the PopClip menu. That’s it. Enjoy the price comparison on bookbutler. 🙂
Download my extension here. To install it in PopClip just doubleclick the downloaded bookbutler.popclipextz file.


  1. UdoJ

    Grossartiges Tool – kannte ich bisher noch nicht, und dann gleich noch mit einem coolen Add-on erweitert. Danke!

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