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Essential features Twitter’s iPad app lacks

Twitter’s official iPad app lacks a few features the iPhone/iPod touch version already has. I stumbled upon two of those missing features today and found out about more in a direct comparison.


I just followed a new Twitter user on my iPad via Twitter’s official iPad app. Immediately after following I wanted to add him to one of my Twitter lists. But to my surprise there’s no way to do that. Twitter’s iPad app hasn’t (yet) implemented any list management features. The only thing you can do with lists is: see the posts of your lists.

The iPhone/iPod touch app, however, has all the nice features you can think of regarding lists management: you can see a user’s lists (not just your own), lists a user follows, lists that follow a user and manage the membership of a user in your own lists.

User management

Another feature I’m missing in the iPad app is a way to see if someone I’m following is following back. Both the iPad and the iPhone/iPod touch app show your follow status of a user by presenting a button labeled ‚Follow‘ (if you don’t already follow that user) or ‚Unfollow‘ (if you already follow that user). But only on the iPhone/iPod touch version there’s another quite interesting label just below this button that tells you whether this user follows you or not. The iPad app doesn’t have this label and doesn’t have this information for you anywhere else. 🙁

What you can’t see either if you’re looking at a user profile in the iPad app is a user’s number of tweets & favorites. For me, the number of tweets is an activity indicator and if I see that a user only sent a handful of tweets I’ll tend to not follow him or her.

I’m also often interested in when a user joined Twitter. I joined Twitter in January 2007 and seeing when a user joined Twitter is an indicator (for me) of how Web 2.0 or social media savvy that user might be or his/her ability to detect trends. However, the iPad Twitter app doesn’t tell.

It would be lovely to add a user from within the Twitter app to your iPad’s addressbook, alas, that’s not possible. The iPhone/iPod touch Twitter app does have such a feature and it’s really nice, easy and intuitive.

However …

The only thing the iPad app has that the iPhone/iPod touch app does not have: similar users. The iPad Twitter app suggests five users similar to the one you’re currently looking at. However, I never found out on what parameters that suggestion is based. If you know I’d be happy to hear from you in the comments! 🙂

I wonder if Twitter has any plans of pimping up its iPad app so that it catches up with the iPhone/iPod touch app. There are, of course, other Twitter apps for the iPad, like Twittelator, Echofon, Osfoora HD, Twitterific, TweetDeck and many more. However, this is not an iPad Twitter apps benchmark. 😉

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